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About Bruxell'A Cappella

Bruxell’A Cappella is a small, international, mixed-voice chamber choir based in Brussels. it was originally founded as the Vocal Concert of Brussels in 2005. Michiel Haspeslagh has helped the choir towards a more in-depth interpretation of older music traditions from the renaissance and the baroque periodes, while continuing to explore the choir’s love of contemporary compostions.

The singers


Anke Swartelé, Aija Kivisaari-Martínez, Barbara Soenens, Mariet Calsius


Griet Desmet, Caroline Theunissen, Rozemarijn Vanoverbeke


Enric Mitjana, Sean Claffey, John Buntinx


Tom Notebaert, Andrew Bolton

Michiel Haspeslagh

Michiel (°1982) is a Belgian choral conductor and singer. He received his musical training at the LUCA School of Arts in Leuven, where he obtained a Master's degree in singing under Lieve Jansen in 2013 and in choral conducting under Erik Van Nevel in 2014. Michiel has extended his knowledge and skills by participating in conducting masterclasses with Daniel Reuss (Capella Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Hans Leenders (Studium Chorale, The Netherlands) and, most recently, with the Vlaams Radiokoor and their new conductor Bart van Reyn.

He is the conductor of Clari Cantus, Clari Cantores, Carmina Chamber Choir and Bruxell'A Cappella, four high-level amateur choirs. The youth choir Clari Cantus won the prestigious 'Choir of the Year' competition in 2011 under his direction.

In September 2017, Michiel was given a first opportunity to conduct the Vlaams Radiokoor.  Since then he has frequently worked as their choir repetiteur.  In 2018, he started working regularly with the Landesakademie für die musizierende Jugend in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) as visiting lecturer.

Michiel sings as a freelance tenor in professional ensembles such as the Orpheus Vokalensemble (Germany), Studium Chorale (The Netherlands) and the Vlaams Radiokoor. Most recently he joined Cappella Pratensis (The Netherlands) which specialises in performing Franco-Flemish polyphonic music from its original notation.