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Tickets Christmas Concerts 2018

Book your tickets in advance.

After reservation, please transfer the required amount (12 euro/adult; 6 euro/child) on our bankaccount  before 12 December 2018, mentioning your name and date of the concert.

Backaccount: BE56 0017 4782 2788

You can pay at the entrance as well at box office rates (15 euro/adult; 6 euro/child).

Throughout  the ages, a great number of composers have contemplated the birth of Christ and have lent their voice to the awe that this miracle inspired in man. For its Christmas concerts on 15 and 16 DecemberBruxell’A Cappella would like to give you a taste of the many musical interpretations of this theme from different traditions and eras. Under the expert direction of conductor and singer Michiel Haspeslagh, we will present a small selection of the many O Magnum Mysteriums that history of music has to offer, from the oldest polyphonic interpretation by Morales to the haunting contemporary version by American composer Morten Lauridsen.

After our first successful joint project in 2015 (Berliner Messe - Arvo Pärt), for this year’s Christmas concerts, Bruxell’A Cappella will be joining forces for a second time with Russian Orthodox male choir Molitva from Sint-Pieters-Leeuw.

Molitva was founded in 2000 as a spin-off project of a local church choir.  The small-scale initiative soon developed into a full-scale vocal group.  Over the past few years, Molitva has been making steady progress through coaching, study and growing performance experience. The choir’s name derives from Orthodox tradition: molitva means prayer in Slavonic.  It not only refers to the sacred atmosphere embedded in Orthodox liturgy but also to the artistic experience Molitva strives to deliver to its audiences.  The group, led by Joachim Kelecom, hopes to bring you a peaceful, intimate and profound musical experience.

, en  Hugo Smekens,

Let Bruxell’A Cappella and Molitva take you on a journey through the centuries and the sounds of this beautiful music of wonder and awe!

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